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Photography Payment

My rate starts at $150 for ambient lighting type of scenarios.  The price will increase based on the amount of pictures desired, lighting scenario, & work hours invested including editing. I am open to pro bono work & TFP if the shoot seems fit. 

Rumor Las Vegas Boutique Hotel Model Shoot

Desert Rose Counseling Group

MoN3Y MiL3$ - (BOMH) Boss Up On My Old Hoe

Time-Lapse on Carnival Imagination

Quest G. Brand promo Video

Mr. & Mrs. T promo video

C.Slack live @ SLS The Sayers Club

Sammy Speechless & Dydasco Photography Promo

Vivian Rose, Dydasco Photography, & Wild West Guns 

C.Slack Live at Paris Las Vegas & Planet Hollywood

Dydasco Photography, Brittney Myers & Quest G 

Allie Uszenski Behind the scenes with Dydasco Photography

Allie Uszenski Instagram Promo

M.O.M.B Official Music Video

Lite Up - Renewal Enterprise

Featherston Twins Actress Reel