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Photography Payment

My rate starts at $150 for ambient lighting type of scenarios. The price will increase based on the amount of pictures desired, lighting scenario, & work hours invested including editing. I am open to pro bono work & TFP if the shoot seems fit.

Rumor Las Vegas Boutique Hotel Model Shoot

Desert Rose Counseling Group

MoN3Y MiL3$ - (BOMH) Boss Up On My Old Hoe

Time-Lapse on Carnival Imagination

Quest G. Brand promo Video

Mr. & Mrs. T promo video

C.Slack live @ SLS The Sayers Club

Sammy Speechless & Dydasco Photography Promo

Vivian Rose, Dydasco Photography, & Wild West Guns

C.Slack Live at Paris Las Vegas & Planet Hollywood

Dydasco Photography, Brittney Myers & Quest G

Allie Uszenski Behind the scenes with Dydasco Photography

Allie Uszenski Instagram Promo

M.O.M.B Official Music Video

Lite Up - Renewal Enterprise

Featherston Twins Actress Reel

00:00 / 04:49


Janelle Monae

Featherston Twins Actress Reel

Art as we know it Documentary

C. Slack (Rap Artist) Promo Video

Burger Joint Las Vegas (Kickstarter Video)

Floating Card Trick (Tutorial Promo)

Why Costello Realty & Property Management in Las Vegas

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